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Name: Erin
LJ: tomishaped
Email: tomishaped@gmail.com
MSN/AIM/YIM: AIM only: tomishaped; though I do enjoy and prefer playing through my e-mail!
Timezone: Eastern

What you RP: I only play boy on boy.
Characters you RP: I have quite a few characters, and an always come up with new ones depending on whom my partner wants to play.
Characters you’re looking to interact with: I'm not looking for any character specifically.

Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing: I only play submissive characters, I don't top ever, I don't like too. I'm often quite mean to my own characters, enjoying mean/abusive RPs, abusing my own character or making them a drug addict or something like that. I like supernatural RPs as well as just normal ones, the only thing I don't like is furry. I really, really can't write that- sorry. To each their own really, it's just not my taste I guess.
For the record, that does not necessarily mean my characters are whiny and the like, most really aren't. I just enjoy torturing them and breaking their spirits.
Do you smut: Yes, I do.

Is there anything else you would like to add: If you would like to start a line, you can IM me anytime. If I'm not online, it'll go straight to my phone as a text- so it may take me a little while to respond that way- but you will get a response as long as you let me know you're from rp_me Or you can just shoot me an e-mail, as those also go to my phone and I can respond rather quickly.

Also, you can find a RolePlay Example from me here and here.

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